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Thescon expert Dr. Dmitrij Lisak informs you about all news and updates in the 2nd edition of the GAMP 5

The long awaited 2nd edition of GAMP 5 is finally out! Over 400 pages of procedures and best practices for computer system validation and qualification have been updated.

GAMP 5 is one of the most important guides for the regulated industry regarding the commissioning, operation and decommissioning of computerized systems. Few guides affect such a wide range of users, whether you are a quality manager or IT director; project manager or SCRUM master, chances are you have already relied on the best practices from GAMP 5.

But what actually changed in the 2nd edition? What impact will these changes have on your projects? Whether you are currently validating an SAP or looking for a new cloud service provider: The 2nd Edition of GAMP 5 has news for you! 

We have already analyzed the new edition for you. Our expert Dr. Dmitrij Lisak will inform you about the most important changes in GAMP5 2nd Edition on 01.09.2022 at 10:00 during a webinar of about 45 minutes.

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