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25. GMP Conference

Information exchange between industry and authorities

On December 2019, 4th-5th, the GMP Conference celebrates its 25th meeting. Main topics include the Brexit, digitalisation, serialization and new GxP regulations. Thescon will discuss with the attendees AI & Compliance topics.

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3rd European QA Conference

New technical and regulatory aspects in the spotlight

"Technology & Innovation in Quality: A Brave New World?" was the title of the conference held by the RQA, GQMA and SOFAQ in Dublin, with a focus on established QA topics as well as new technical and regulatory aspects.

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Technology & Innovation in the spotlight

Meet Thescon at the 3rd European QA Conference

Around 400 delegates and 50 speakers will attend the QA conference in Dublin this year. Ingo Baumann, Partner at Thescon, will speak on 7. November at 9am about the topic “Let’s talk about AI in Healthcare”. Get to know more about the comprehensive conference here.

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Thescon at first hand

That’s life from a consultant perspective

Thescon visited the chemistry industry forum (short ChInFo) of the University Münster also in this year, to introduce alumni and students to the life of a consultant.

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Artificial intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry

Opportunities and Challenges

The use of artificial intelligence presents the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry with numerous challenges that cannot be overcome with conventional validation approaches. Thescon discussed with representatives of the medical device and pharmaceutical industries at a PTS seminar how these challenges can be tackled and which opportunities they open up.

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Thescon for future

We want to do our bit - and our customers support us

On the occasion of the global Climate day, we want to do our bit to reduce CO2 emission. We create the basis - and our customers support us in making a difference!

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Digital Upheavel in the healthcare industry

Technical innovations can convince at the Digital Life Sciences Day

Thescon was part of an exchange about opportunities and risks of the digital transformation for the regulated industry. The event “Digital Life Sciences Day” was organized by Capgemini in Munich.

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Digitalization - Which chances does it conceal?

Meet our experts on September, 12th, in Munich.

Process optimization through digitalization - new trends, their benefits, regulatory requirements and application examples are presented at the Digital Life Science Day. Besides trend studies and presentations, discussions and a Get-together with experts of Thescon, the host Capgemini and the technology company PTC Inc. awaiting the participants.

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Artificial intelligence from IT compliance point of view - can you control AI?

PTS seminar invites to a discussion with experts

On September, 24th, a PTS seminar in Wiesbaden will address the topic ‘artificial Intelligence in pharma industry’. One of the speakers is Ingo Baumann, partner of Thescon GmbH, who will discuss possibilities and limits of controllability as well as compatibility of AI and IT Compliance.

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Qualified Person - current challenges & practical realisation

Oxaion offers product presentations and independent expert talks

Meet Eric Strelow, partner at Thescon GmbH, and Dr. Marvin Birka, senior consultant and compliance expert at Thescon, at the medical device day in Stuttgart on July 4, 2019. Discuss with us about chances and risks of digitalisation, integration of IT processes in QM systems and pragmatic implementations of IT compliance requirements.

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PTS webinar answers questions about serialization

Dr. Dmitrij Lisak shares his knowledge and practical experience

On June, 25th, PTS offers the possibility to join a webinar on serialization. Main topics comprise recent developments after Go Live, handling of batch releases, aggregation and returns.

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New online service available

Thescon publishes white papers

White papers and Webinars about current topics are henceforth available on our website as free downloads.

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Serialisation in Europe - next step Track & Trace?

Crypto codes, aggregation, Track & Trace - merely a matter of time?

Implementation regulations regarding serialisation differ between international markets. Which international trends can be expected to become valid in Europe? Dr. Dmitrij Lisak, serialisation expert and senior consultant at Thescon, shares his perceptions and expectations.

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Qualified Person - current challenges & practical realisation

Meet Thescon at the QP conference on May 7th in Düsseldorf.

Dr. Dmitrij Lisak, senior consultant at Thescon, is one of the speakers who will introduce you to topics such as responsibilities, regulation, serialisation and batch releases.

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ERP system changeover - Experiences from medical technology

Company shares knowledge after successful project closure

After changeover of their ERP system, the company “Inpac Medizintechnik GmbH” shares recommendations and gives advice for a successful project realization. The project was supported by the validation partner Thescon.

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Serialization in Russia

Which points need to be considered?

By 2020, serialization will also be required in Russia. What are the main differences between the requirements in Russia and Europe?

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First serialization inspections

FDA publishes first warning letter

Serialisation is mandatory in Europe since February, 9th, 2019. The American counterpart, the drug supply chain security act (DSCSA), came into force in November 2017. Recently, the FDA published a first warning letter that addresses this guideline

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Agile project management

Meet Thescon at the 34. GAMP D-A-CH forum meeting.

Dr. Anne Tzschichholz presents a case study in agile project management at the GAMP D-A-CH forum meeting in March, 13th in Weilburg.

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Data Integrity - Annoyance or opportunity?

Meet Thescon at the 24th GQMA Annual Meeting on March 27th 2019 in Berlin

Ingo Baumann, Thescon Partner and Senior Compliance Advisor, speaks about data integrity at the 24th GQMA Annual Meeting

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A new partner within Thescon GmbH

A new partner within Thescon GmbH

Daniel Haas is the new internal partner at Thescon GmbH. We've asked him some questions and received interesting answers.

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