Serialization in Russia

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Another market - different requirements

Which points need to be considered?

In many respects, the requirements of Russia are more complex than the requirements that became effective on February, 9th, 2019 in Europe.

One essential difference is the treatment of so called “over the counter” products (OTC). These products have to be serialized in Russia, whereas this is not the case in Europe.

Russia requires a 2D data matrix barcode likewise as Europe does. In Europe, this code includes four key information: product code (GTIN etc.), serial number, expiry date and batch number. In Russia, a crypto key and a crypto code are included as well. These codes create additional challenges to L2 - L5 systems as well as to the scanner hardware.

Another difference is the aggregation, which is not required in Europe (until now).

Moreover, Russia requires track & trace. This means that everyone in the pharmaceutical supply chain has to scan, check and confirm the product information.

Manufacturers and distributors have to face new challenges. We strongly advise to stay informed about the local requirements. We would be glad to support you in these questions.

If you have further questions regarding the serialization requirements in Russia, please contact us.

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