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Meet Thescon at the 3rd European QA Conference

6th to 8th November in Dublin

Around 400 delegates and 50 speakers will attend the QA conference in Dublin this year. Ingo Baumann, Partner at Thescon, will speak on 7. November at 9am about the topic “Let’s talk about AI in Healthcare”.


Chances and Risks of Technology and Innovation will be discussed at the European QA Conference this year. Part is a presentation by Ingo Baumann, Partner at Thescon, which will discuss opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence offers promising opportunities in medicine and diagnostics. But “traditional” qualification and validation approaches seem to be difficult to combine with highly dynamic, agile developments of an artificial intelligence.

Basics of AI, potential risks, application options and its compatibility with strict regulations will be addressed in this presentation.

Besides this, participants are invited to visit other presentations, expert lectures and workshops on different new technologies in the healthcare industry.

Registrations are possible on the official website.


Update: Please find our article about the conference here.