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We visit the ChInFo in Münster

The yearly job fair of the University Münster gives the opportunity to get insights into the daily business of different jobs. Three alumni of the university, Dr. Marvin Birka, Dr. Fabian Muttach and Dr. Katharina Thiel, represented our team and introduced the listeners not only to our company but to basic topics such as prozess management, serialization and selection consulting.

They appreciated the numerous questions of the students. Many of them circled around the question: “How to get from science to process optimization?”

We know that critical thinking and questioning of a current status as well as industry-specific Know-How are essential in consulting - both does a scientist have. Surely, this job also requires an extensive and guided training - but we welcome every new member and the interesting discussions that we share during their onboarding. Then this part of what makes our job exciting.