THESCON is a recognized consulting team for the pharmaceutical industry, wholesalers, medical devices, the chemical industry, biotechnology and food packaging, safety and distribution logistics.


In the regulated industries companies have to comply with extensive and challenging regulations. Such compliance includes the validation of IT systems as well as the qualification of the underlying IT infrastructure.

A good quality management system is in­dis­pensable in the regulated industries for com­plying with legal stipulations. Further, con­tinuous system maintenance and im­prove­ments to the quality management system con­tributes directly to the success of a firm.

Choosing a new IT software poses a crucial challenge for companies in the regulated industries. Therefore, a well-organized and transparent software selection process is essential in choosing a provider that best suits to the company.

Regulated industries must meet important and legal infrastructure qualifications. If the qualification does not follow those guide­lines, unauthorized system access and data manipulation may become real threats to the organization.

Target companies and industries

The target companies supported by Thescon are related to the process industry. This specialization is reflected in the qualifications of each of our consultants as well as in the projects Thescon oversees. We guarantee the requisite experience and know-how mandatory for a successful collaboration.

Pharmaceutical industry

Medical Device Manufacturer


Chemical industry


Food packaging, safety and distribution


Who we are

Thescon was founded by experienced consultants and has enjoyed a steady growth to our team of consultants since 2007. Our headquarter is located in the Muensterland of Westphalia, an area that reflect the pragmatism and goal-orientation of our company. Our consultants live throughout Germany in major hub cities; they have easy access to the major highways and transport connections to reach our clients.

We are your partner consultants in regulated industries, quality management, IT system selection, project or process management. Our dedicated, industry-specific and professional knowledge that we bring to your projects distinguish us from other consulting groups and makes us your natural choice. We manage your projects in an efficiently manner and through collaboration and coordination with you bring them to fruition.

Ingo Baumann, Partner – Dr. Claus Breer, Managing Director – Eric Strelow, Partner


Project locations

Number of consultants

more than 400

Pharmaceutical industry · Medical Device Manufacturer · Wholesalers · Chemical industry · Biotechnology · Food packaging, safety and distribution

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News / Events


Dec 2019


25th GMP Conference in Dresden

25th GMP conference – headlines and reflections


GMP updates, contributions from the experts and opportunities for networking - the 25th GMP conference, 4th and 5th of December 2019 in Dresden. Thescon was there and shares the headlines and reflections.

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Dec 2019


Excellent Master Theses at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy at the University Muenster honoured


Every year, the Thescon GmbH founds an award for excellent Master Theses which is granted to alumni of the studies Business Chemistry, Food Chemistry or Chemistry at the University Muenster. In this year, Stefanie Ploeger (Chemistry) was honored with the 1.000 Euro endowed prize.

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Dec 2019


Recalls due to software issues

Reasons, Consequences and risk mitigation strategy


Due to digitalization and the trend towards artificial intelligence, software gets more and more complex. This change opens up new opportunities but also bears additional risks. Software issues involve a potential danger for product and patient safety. Drastic actions might be the consequence. Far-reaching recalls because of software issues are not frequent but definitely seen in daily life. We discuss the main topics that need to be considered.

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