Thescon for future

Thescon for future

We want to do our bit to reduce CO2 emission.

The use of modern communication tools can avoid CO2 emission.

Dear Clients,

You all take the preservation of environmental and social standards very seriously – frequently in management guidelines or in a corporate social responsibility program, and many of you request that your business partners commit to these values in writing.

Thescon as your partner will always gladly sign on to such policies since we share the same values.

Precisely in the matter of efficient use of resources such as travel expenditures we wish to take both you and ourselves at our word. We hope that whenever feasible, on-line meetings (over voice or on camera) will replace in-person on-site meetings.

Teams, Zoom, Google, Meet, Webex, CoTo and other meeting platforms have long been the everyday reality of business meetings, not just in the era of COVID-19. Using these tools in place of travel and local accommodations will not only reduce the carbon dioxide emissions associated with such expenditures but also will lead to significant savings in travel costs that will lower the overal tota costs on your balance sheet.

This proposed approach occasionally encounters a certain Skepticism that such meeting times cannot be used efficiently. We wish to relieve this skepticism with evidence to the contrary. Thus, we appeal to you: Try it We promise that you will not regret it.

If you have doubts whether the technological preconditions exist at your site, please contact us. We encourage you to voice your concerns to us. You can quickly and easily access our on-line meeting infrastructure without additional software packages, applications, or downloads. In our offerings, we will continue referring to the alternatives to in-person meetings.

Let us all do our part.

Many thanks!