Agile project management

Meet Thescon at the 34. GAMP D-A-CH forum meeting


Dr. Anne Tzschichholz, senior consultant at Thescon, reports on a case study of agile project management.


Next GAMP D-A-CH forum is planned for March, 13th, in Weilburg.

Discussion topics at this meeting comprise inspection reports and actuality of the V-model.

One of the speakers is Dr. Anne Tzschichholz, who will provide insights in agile project management.

Dr. Tzschichholz is a certified project management associate (IPMA) and senior consultant at Thescon. She is also part of the special interest group “audit trail review”.

Those, who are interested in agile project management, should not miss the coming web-seminar by Thescon “agile software development and validation approaches”.