AI specifically in the pharmaceutical industry: use cases, benefits and (regulatory) limits.

B.A.H Online information event: Artificial Intelligence and its use in the pharmaceutical industry


80 participants came together for the B.A.H online information event on the topic “Artificial intelligence and its use in the pharmaceutical industry” on June 15, 2020.

Both the number and the diverse questions of the participants shows the up-to-dateness of the topic.

The wide selection of speakers gave a comprehensive overview of the possibilities and challenges in the use of artificial intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry. The focus here was on the technical background of AI, the importance of data and the close connection with other aspects of digitization, opportunities, risks and regulatory challenges when using AI as well as the consideration of the legal perspective.

The regulatory framework for the use of AI in the GMP environment was of particular interest. Speakers and participants shared the hope of closing the existing gap by means of uniform guidelines, ideally coordinated with the existing guidelines.

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