Live: Cloud Computing expert panel with GMP inspector and Thescon

Putting cloud systems into practice: Live Discussion with Dr. Arno Terhechte and Dr. Dmitrij Lisak


Real practical tips from experts!

Of course, we could present a lot about regulations and regulatory requirements on a multitude of slides. But what’s most exciting are your real-life questions!

Join renowned experts as they discuss how to put regulatory requirements for your cloud systems into practice. In this expert panel, inspector Dr. Arno Terhechte of the Münster district government and Dr. Dmitrij Lisak, partner at Thescon GmbH will not discuss slides, but your questions from operational experience.


Cloud IT as a challenge

Increasingly, companies are turning to cloud systems. Even complex ERP systems like SAP can be and are operated in the cloud. Cloud solutions should be both more flexible and deliver more performance with less maintenance. In this context, the role of IT suppliers is becoming increasingly important. But can your current QMS be applied to cloud systems at all? How to deal with the risks of big data centers and shared IT resources? How do IT and QA coordinate on aspects of cloud service deployment, how are responsibilities divided? And the list of questions can go on and on. Take the opportunity to get qualified answers to these questions from subject matter experts.


Risk assessment and critical thinking

Authorities, best practice guides as well as practitioners deal with the topic. Organized by established training provider PTS, Thescon Partner Dr. Dmitrij Lisak will discuss modern approaches with you in our interactive expert panel!

  • Your questions about cloud computing will be at the center of attention. These and other topics are up for discussion:
  • How do you validate ERP systems like SAP in the cloud?
  • How is qualification of cloud services actually possible in practice?
  • What are possible questions about cloud computing in the context of inspections?
  • Doesn’t the management effort have to be seen in relation to the complexity of the system?


The expert panel will be held on 9/5/2022 between 2:00 pm and 3:30 pm.


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