Digital Upheavel in the healthcare industry

An industry in upheavel – technical innovations convince at the Digital Life Sciences Day


Thescon discussed the digital transformation in the life science sector with industry and technology experts.


Thescon took part of the Digital Life Sciences Day organized by its cooperation partner Capgemini to discuss industry-specific opportunities and challenges arising from the digital transformation route. Industry and technology experts presented new approaches for the healthcare sector such as advantages of the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the R&D sector as well as augmented reality devices for laboratories and algorithms, who can bridge the communication between patients and the manufacturers. The technology experts from Informatica illustrated with their solution “CLAIRE” that success of digital innovation strategies is tightly linked to data quality and integration. In addition, Pegasystems presented new technologies such as Blockchain to fulfill complex regulatory requirements such as UDI/MDR or serialization. The experts underlined that although that the healthcare industry is characterized by a rather conservative philosophy with the hurdle of various and complex regulatory standards, there are suitable digital solutions for this industry that ensure compliance.  Anyway, Thescon Partner Ingo Baumann emphasized during the expert round with Capgemini and PTC that the regulated industry is not as boundless as other sectors and that patient safety assured through Quality and Compliance must always be prioritized. For a successful implementation of digital innovations, he recommended that “all potential stakeholders should discuss new technologies together as early as possible to unite diverse interests and demands. In that case it would be possible to assess risks and evaluate benefits resulting in suitable solution scenarios.”  As closing, ClimatePartner GmbH showed that digitized solutions can also support the fight against global warming. The experts demonstrated that increased efficacy achieved by technologies that optimize supply chains, decrease transportation routes or enabling smart power-saving processes can represent important and necessary strategies for climate protection projects. Do you have questions about digital transformation in the life science industry? Please feel free to contact us.

Marcel Müller (Capgemini), Markus Meier (PTC) und Ingo Baumann (Thescon)
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