ERP system changeover – Experiences from medical technology

Company shares knowledge after successful project closure


The packaging services provider for medical technology, Inpac, looks back on a successful project

Is the implementation of a new system necessary or can the current one be configured by the provider? Which providers come into question and allow a validation in accordance with EN ISO 13485:2016? Which processes shall be supported by the system and do the key users accept the system changeover project? These and more questions had to be answered recently by the packaging services provider Inpac Medizintechnik GmbH. Together with its validation partner Thescon, Inpac can look back on a successful project closure today.

Dr. Marvin Birka, lead consultant at Thescon, commented the cooperation very positively: “The team was open minded for our suggestions and could rely on the support of their project management. The engagement of Leonhard Gerlach and the fact that the senior management took the time for needed short-term decisions enabled a very effective work. ”

Now, Inpac shares its experiences with other companies and has published an article that addresses main challenges and most important success factors to be considered in a ERP system changeover project. “The article comprises most important key aspects that need to be considered in every validation project in medical technology before the actual project can be started. Therefore, it is a good aid to orientation for other companies”, explains Dr. Birka.

The whole article is available at: